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  • Two styles of acoustic "folk music" blend - with an A-list of musicians - on this first US - DVD/CD release of 1988 film
  • Earlier this year I discovered a wonderful DVD of a fabulous Scottish television series titled “Transatlantic Sessions” that is only now coming to home video.

    In 1995 Scottish fiddle player Aly Bain (best know as a founding member of the seminal Celtic band The Boys of The Lough), had a great idea for a TV series for BBC Scotland. He invited Nashville-based dobro player Jerry Douglas to invite some of his fellow musicians to come to a hunting lodge in the Scottish Highlands for a week and perform with some of the best Scottish and Irish singers and musicians, blending the acoustic sounds of both cultures as the played together and accompanied one another. You can find my review of that DVD by searching on Amazon.

    But seven years before the first Transatlantic Sessions, Bain crossed the Atlantic in the opposite direction and headed for Louisiana where he sat in with a wide variety of Cajun (and zydeco) musicians with film director Mark Littlewood in tow and the results are now seeing their first release in the US in this DVD/CD package. While the TS DVDs (and separate audio CDs) are coming to the US market in NTSC versions (for the DVDs that is), The packaging for “AATC” makes it “universal” in nature. The DVD is a double-sided disc with the US NTSC version on one side and the European PAL version on the other. The CD- of course – plays anywhere. And, instead of marketing a separate audio CD package, the CD and DVD are combined as one.

    The musicians Bain visits with include Michael Doucet and Ann and Mark Savoy (who, despite solo careers, often play together as the Savoy-Doucet Band), Traditional cajun songwriter/musicians D.L. Menard and Dewey Balfa, the then-next-generation zydeco rockers Wayne Toups and Boozoo Chavis and, the distaff side of Zydeco, Queen Ida.

  • 5/5 Stars
  • (November 13, 2013)
  • S. Ramm
  • amazon.com
  • Musical Tribute!
  • This is Classic Americana, with Aly coming from the UK and playing with some of the finest Cajun Traditionalists, Savoie Duche and many other Now gone but captured on this DVD/CD a MUST Own Musically.

  • 5/5 Stars
  • (February 13, 2013)
  • L. Tobias
  • amazon.com